NBC Sports in Stamford, Connecticut launched an online platform for long form sports articles. These articles were NBC’s way of providing a destination for features writers to host in depth analysis and biographical text. NBC SportsWorld used advertising to support the site.


A full time position, as Web Designer, at the Comcast Philadelphia offices, and then transferred to NBC Sports in Stamford, Connecticut. I was then promoted to Interactive Designer at NBC Sports in Stamford, Connecticut. My role in these positions was to take written sports articles and develop appropriate graphics that matched and fit the article’s message. I really enjoyed using my creative design ability to enhance the product line. My designs were then utilized by the NBC Sales Team to promote the company.

I would discuss with the NBC Managing Editor what stories were planned for the week. For each project, we would collaborate often to learn the concept or message of the story, develop it and submit the story for final publication.  

For each assignment, the timeline was very important. Each assignment needed to be developed and published in the specified timeframe so our clients and audience were satisfied with our service. While the story was being developed, I would draft relevant images to fit the message of the story. For example, if a profile article was being written about a legendary NASCAR driver, Richard Petty, I would research and use multiple sources to gather imagery from Petty’s life and career. Stock photo sites, departmental servers files and communication with other NBC departments were used to gather these resources.

I also enjoyed expanding on role by experimenting with new design and delivery communication concepts. For instance, I suggested to use an interactive instant replay video clip to the publication. To do this I would slip the video clip into gif frames. This process would then allow me to control the animation. I could move forward and backward and left to right by hovering the mouse cursor over the image frame.  

Interactive Frame Changing Product

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