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An Interactive Product & Custom Graphics

Interactive Frame Changing Product  /  LIVE EXAMPLE
Longform Supportive Graphics  /  LIVE  1  /  2

Figure A – Pitch sheet showing a prototyped interactve product.  A widget like the ‘frame changer’ started as an idea from an inspiration. That thought was then visualized with photoshop created mock-up’s. These mocks create interests by the sales department, earning the project placed on the desk of a project manager. From there, a collaboration is made between interactive designer & the developer. This teamwork creates a proof of concept, which is live because it was used. After the first use, an improment round was used for product development. Figure A is from this step. A sales person then shops the widget to sponsor, while the product is templetized.

Figure B, C, D. – A photoshop created collage. Created to be the article cover art and back drop image for a broadcasted segment. Read the article to gain a visual perspective on the written piece, research for imagery internally and online sports photography resorces. Followed by a creative process using visual details and/or pull quotes, to enhace the reader’s experience.




 Olympics / Sporting News / NBC Sportsworld / NHL / Premier League / Antone’s
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