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NHL Live Streaming Graphic Stats Product

Functionality and visualizations include real-time player and match statistics; navigable Play-by-Play text synchronized with the video stream; fantasy news from RotoWorld; and live tables that provide real-time league standings. In addition, every goal, every red card and every key moment are quickly available to viewers via the redesigned Key Events bar.

The replay experience is spoiler-free, as all relevant statistics provided by the graphics are synchronized to the video.

This product the second of two live streaming products that I produced for NBC Sports Digital. It is my favorite of the two because with repetition come improvement. In this second installment, I utilized the space better with bigger and bolder graphics. I designed with a better understanding of my boundaries.

The UX/UI, design, and build was as much an individual process as it was a team effort. Starting as a group think meeting between internal steakholders, determining a list of product requirement and a schedule of project progression. After departing the group, research on gameplay and staticical data was sone. I then designed a series of wireframes (Figure A) to determine the product’s layout, interacion spots, gameplay scenarios, and advertising locations. With wireframe approvals, the creation of graphics began to develop a look and feel to the interface. The same panels mapped in Figure A are shown on Figure B fully designed. Figure C shows those elements properly placed within the wireframed layout, including sponsorship advertising. Figure D is a screenshot of the live product. The live streaming product was coded together by a third party, in Denver CO. All the graphic material, from my design process, was chopped up and delivered to the contracted development team. The bulding process was a separate collaboration, creating a build timeline and with that a deliverables timeline. Ater the completion of the product, graphic support continued for tweaks, updates, and advertising support.



 Olympics / Sporting News / NBC Sportsworld / NHL / Premier League / Antone’s
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