NBCOlympics.com / Sochi, Russia 2014


clock_placementsThe 2014 Winter Olympic Games were held in Sochi Russia. During the 2014 Winter Games, the goal for my department was to provide 24/7 support to NBC LiveExtra. NBC LiveExtra, a subscription based mobile and web app, was used to stream all Olympic Game events to its subscribers.

Prior to and during the 2014 Olympic Games, I was the Associate Producer for NBColympics.com. I was responsible for designing and supporting graphics and web advertisements for all the NBC local affiliates. In addition to NBC’s Olympic Game advertisements, I created graphics and ads for CocaCola’s, Procter and Gamble’s, and McDonalds’ Olympic ads.

160x200_darkAn unique assignment I had before the start of the Olympic Games was to design, develop and distribute a countdown clock used by the NBC affiliates. The clock was placed on each stations’ homepage and used to count down the time to the opening ceremonies. I created the clock visuals with Photoshop, developed the mechanism in javascript and provided detailed ‘how to’ instructions for implementing the clock in the affiliates’ website.  

I worked during the live broadcast from Russia in Stamford Connecticut, which was eight hours ahead of the eastern time-zone. This enable me to design that day’s unique imagery for the Olympic Games before the United States audience viewed the events. Using a template, in collaboration with Apple Computer, Inc., I would collect, place and deliver the “image of the day”. These images were used to showcase the LiveExtra App on the featured page in the iPhone/iPad App Store.