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NBCOlympics.com / Sochi, Russia 2014


The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi Russia was a intensive experience. My roll was that of Associate Producer for NBColympics.com. This responsibility required making support graphics for all NBC local affiliates and web advertisements for internal & external advertisers. Internal uses included a javascript and Flash based countdown clocks, counting down to the of games beginning. These clocks were distributed to all participating local affiliates, to wear on their local news websites. External advertisements would include cross branding banners, advertising broadcasts details in conjunction with P&G or Coca-Cola.

Sochi Russia is eight hours ahead of the eastern time-zone. Due to this, Coverage shifts were adopted and I worked during the live broadcast streaming the live games. At the end of each broadcast, a unique ‘image of the day’ was prepared and delivered to Apple. This interchanged image would be used on the featured menu, of the iPhone/iPad App Store.




 Olympics / Sporting News / NBC Sportsworld / NHL / Premier League / Antone’s
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