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Sporting News Digital Magazine / Local Sports Eddition

Designer and type setter for local edition of iPad magazine, Sports World, which published daily. Created custom editorial design (graphics spreads, infographics, etc.) under tight daily deadlines.

Sporting News Magazine entered into a joint effort with Comcast Sportnet. With this partnership, a daily local sports magazine was digitally published for iPad/mobile readers. Templates were provided for the different categories each story fell into. 12-18 pages would be typeset and designed each afternoon/night, with 1-2 copy editors and 1 designer (me). Covers and pages would be designed based upon the story at hand. Custom infographics (Figures A, C, and D) were created to enhance the quoted statistics. All materials were enhanced or created with Photoshop and/or Illustrator and then compiled with InDesign. Eventually being exported as a PDF, which was then sent to press digitally, to be read via a magazine app.



 Olympics / Sporting News / NBC Sportsworld / NHL / Premier League / Antone’s
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