Sporting News Digital Magazine / Local Sports Edition

resignedComcast Sports Group and Sporting News Magazine partnered to produce a Philadelphia sports centered digital magazine. Sporting News Philly Edition was published daily covering the many professional Philadelphia sports teams and the surrounding collegiate teams. The daily sports magazine was digitally published for mobile and tablet readers.

As the Web Publication Designer for Comcast’s Sporting News Digital Magazine, I created custom editorial designs for the nightly publication. My tasks included covers, graphic spreads, infographics and typesetting. With a tight nightly deadline, I along with two copy editors had a responsibility to typeset and design a 12 to 18 page digital magazine by 2am.

Sporting News was a nightly publication. My work day started around 4pm and ended only when all the nightly games were finished and the stories and designs were done. A typical day to create a daily 12 to 18 page digital Philadelphia sports magazine involved the feature writers developing their story at the game(s). Once the games were finished, the staff writer would edit their stories. Based on the game’s story and outcome, I would design the cover and customize the infographics. I enjoyed taking the game’s statistics and enhancing them visually. All my work was done using Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator and then organized with InDesign. Completed documents were exported as a PDF so readers could read their morning sport stories using the Comcast magazine app on their mobile device.